Thursday, May 21, 2009

Too Much To Say

I've been playing too much online games in these few days.haha.thanks to MySpace.LOL.yeah MySpace is boring nowadays and Tom is working so hard to make MySpace looks exactly like Facebook! Not exactly, I mean like they have what facebook have.As you can see that now we can comment on people's status and that is so Facebook!MySpace chat is gone or maybe dead and gone forever.hehe.T.I..This is the site that I enjoy playing games with CLICK HERE
Everybody's gone to college and I'm still waiting for my turn and also hoping for the UPU appeal. please pray for me too :) . To SYAKILA, congratulations! for the Uitm offer! :)
If i don't get the Offer from UPU, KPTM, here I come! whatever!

i don't think they're TELETUBBIES :P

Meet ERIC PUMPHREY.The most attractive guy on YOUTUBE!!

p/ it too much ??