Saturday, March 12, 2011


hello everyone, how are you doing? I am fine alhamdulillah and I'm on this situation that everyone hates I guess cause you need to be focused to achieve the results that wish.Well you know, I will always get what I want but not what I need. So, I am working on to get what I need and hell yeah I am trying my very best!  I am in an exam mode until this coming mid of April. then, go home and enjoy my long holiday!

In spite of that, I am trying to :

  •  Avoid myself from getting into a serious stress so that I would be happy studying and even attend the class with an open mind which is the hardest thing to do :S but yeah I have to be positive! +
  • Not getting involve in some stupid conflict or having emotional problems with friends, family, teachers or even for some stupid guys.
  • use my every single minute wisely 
  • Not to log in to facebook much :S I know that's hard but I know I can by not updating anything and also not letting anyone to post on my wall.
  • Do the most important thing, yeah be a nerd or a bookworm. 
  • eat  good food and not to eat a lot since I've gained my weight from 49 kg to 51 kg >.<
  • take care of my own health
  • not to getting away from Allah.

inshaAllah! I'll be fine. Ameen