Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh My First December Post

Hi. I'm sorry that my blog is so dead. I have no time to update this blog because I'm usually on tumblr. It's easier there, for lazy people like me cause you just reblog things which sometimes I think it's gay but enjoyable at the same time. I will not let this blog to be a dead blog. I promise, I'll be active again. I'm going to have my final for this semester on January 3rd which is the next day of my 21st birthday and it's going to be the second time celebrating without my family. sigh... well, we don't usually have special things on my birthday anyways. So, I bet it's going to be nothing special for 2012. I miss home, seriously. I miss everyone and everything I know, even though sometimes I say "FFFF everyone and everything I know". okay. take care. I love you all :)