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OSAKA , JAPAN 9th-16th OCTOBER 2016

Hello readers or followers of mine (do I even have readers?) Feels good to be back and this is my first post of 2017. I've been saving this post in draft and finally decided to post it today.

 Last year , me and my cousin were planning to go on a trip without our parents for the first time and yeah booked our ticket in February 2016 also chose Trip Adik Beradik to be our tourist guide in Osaka , JAPAN !

8th October 2016

We took a flight to KLIA2 at 8.55 pm and arrived at 9.55 p.m...Something unexpectedly happened which my luggage went totally Kaput! ha ha ha . The wheel was missing and I was quite panicked because my next flight to Osaka was in the next three hours. Luckily , one of the airport's officer saw the damage and she said "You should report it to the Lost and Found department right over there" and showed me the direction to the Lost and Found department.

One of the Officers checked on my documents and the damage on the luggage. He said "Okay, we'll replace the bag" Yay ! What a relief and....

Ta.Daaaa... my new luggage ! So much bigger , stronger , unbreakable and most importantly , it's NEON PINK. Thank you Air Asia !

9th October 2016

1.00 a.m Departed from Kuala Lumpur to KIX (Kansai Airport , Osaka). 
7.30 a.m Arrived at KIX ! yay

Then Mimi , one of Trip Adik Beradik's crew fetched us from the airport to our apartment at Dōtonbori to rest.

At night , we strolled along the Dotonbori streets and there were so many people.

10th October 2016
Day 1: UMEDA

8.00 AM Breakfast in apartment
8.30 AM Briefing
9.00 AM Leaving to Umeda City

1. Yodobashi Camera Digital (Gadget Mall)
Entrance fee: free

No photo of the Gadget Mall but this was in front of the building

2. Umeda Sky Building (observatory view)
Entrance fee: free using Amazing Pass
View from inside the ^^

Umeda Sky Building

at the top of the building! Amazing view of the city

3. Hep 5 Ferries Wheels (entertainment)
Entrance fee: free using Amazing Pass

Okay , you can google how the Ferris Wheel looks like from far cause I didn't take any pic from far, just our selfies from inside of its pod.

4. Osaka Castle (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: free

Osaka Castle

11th October 2016

Day 2: NARA

7.30 AM Breakfast in apartment
8.00 AM Briefing
8.45 AM Leaving to Nara

1. Nara Park (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: free

2. Todaiji Temple (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: 750 ¥

3. Isuen Garden (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: 810 ¥ with Amazing Pass

4. Tsukenkaku Tower (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: free

5. Dotonburi River Cruise (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: free with Amazing Pass

Solat jamak zohor/asar: di Isuen Garden
Solat jamak maghrib/isyak: at the apartment
Breakfast + dinner: provided
Lunch: lunch pack (no halal food nearby Nara)

12th October 2016

Day 3: KYOTO

6.30 AM Breakfast in apartment
7.15 AM Briefing
7.30 AM Leaving to Kyoto ( 1-1 1/2 hours journey)

1. Arashiyama Bamboo Forest (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: free

2. Kyoto Tower (observatory view)
Entrance fee: free

3.Kiyumizu-Dera Temple (sightseeing)
Entrance fee: free, kimono rental from 3000 ¥

Solat zohor/asar: in Kyoto Tower
Solat maghrib/isyak: in the apartment
Breakfast + dinner: provided
Lunch: own cost / lunch pack

13th October 2016

9.00 AM Breakfast in the apartment
9.45 AM Briefing 
10.00 AM Leaving to Osaka Aquarium

1. Osaka Aquarium (entertainment)
Entrance fee: 2300¥ (Aquarium only), 3200 ¥ (Aquarium + sightseeing ship)

Solat zohor/asar: at the Osaka Aquarium
Solat maghrib/isyak: in the apartment
Breakfast + lunch + dinner: provided

14th October 2016

8.30 AM Breakfast
9.15 AM Briefing 
9.30 AM Leaving to USJ

1. Universal Studios (entertainment)
Entrance fee: from 7400 ¥ (regular)

15th October 2016


9.00 AM breakfast
10.30 AM check out/briefing/leaving

3. Den Den Town (anime street)

4. 12.00 PM leaving to Kansai Airport


Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Two weeks ago mom wasn't around. So the kitchen was mine!!! There were salmon in the fridge and I tried a recipe that I would like to share with you.  This is a recipe that I got from Facebook  and love how it tastes like ! It's simple but 'sehr gut' !


  • 3 fillets of salmon (or steaks)
  • 2-3 peeled garlic - finely chopped or mashed creamed
  • 125 grams of butter
  • 1/2 table spoon of thyme
  • A little bit of salt
  • A little bit of black pepper
  • 1 lemon- juiced/squeezed


  1. Heat oven to 180-190 degrees Celsius 
  2. Mix the butter, garlic, thyme, salt and black pepper ... add lemon juice, then mix together.
  3. Then grime the mixtures to the salmon. Arrange salmons in an oven proof container and pour excess marinade on.
  4. Put the salmon into the oven and wait until the fish is cooked.


  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • A few sprigs of dill - finely chopped
  • A little salt
  • A little black pepper

    For your information, I was running out of some ingredients and did some substitution...

Mayonnaise - Greek Yogurt ( if you like the sour taste then it suits you. I like it!)
Thyme- Basil or any herbs you like
Lemon- lime
Dill- Rosemary or any herbs you like


Thursday, September 10, 2015


     Assalamualaikum... In this entry I would like to introduce my pets . I have never had a pet before in my twenty-four years of life ! I do not count fishes as mine because only my parents are interested in fishes nor grasshoppers that I used to catch during primary school. Rabbits and cats are always my favorite animals that I would like to keep as a pet but my mother has asthma and she does not like any furry pets to be kept at home.

     So here I am going to tell you about my RED EARED SLIDER TURTLES or RES for short. I wanted a tortoise but tortoises are wayyyyy more expensive than turtles. I bought these turtles for only RM 8 each at the nearest pet store.. I have looked up online the price of Tortoises can reach hundreds which I would not afford that! So yeah turtles are cute too why not ? So I got myself three little turtles . One male and two females in gender.

     Even though RES are cheap in price but it is going to cost a lot if you want to provide a semi-aquatic habitat for them. I don't setup a tank yet for them ( bad mama) but doing anything the in the cheapest way possible. Like instead of getting a uvb light , I let them out under the sunlight once in a while  for 15 minutes or so. I'm planning to set up a tank sooner or later. For now , I've been referring to these two blogs and kamekroten . The way they handle their turtles are quite different than other people.

So here they are.....




I've had them for a week now and they are still scared of me. Well it's okay maybe after a month they will get used to me and probably love me? :D I put them in a sleeping box (shoe box) every night to let them bask and sleep at the same time , feed them in the feeding container and let them swim in a bigger container during the day.

This is where they swim and bask... It's the widest basin we have at home. 

Watch this VIDEO to see them swimming and dancing ! LOL  

Joffrey didn't even try to escape during their first day out.. 

Piper trying to climb out to bask on the rock !

Piper and Joffrey decided to let me take a picture of them

Joffrey trying to hide from me but didn't really.. lol

"almost there ! Gosh I'm so tired... "

Wonder what he's thinking about...

Piper and Alex sleeping.. 

Alex sleeps a lot. She is sooo cute 

Piper and Joffrey right after I put them in the box.. 
Escape mission?  Whilst Alex is already asleep under the covers.

Thursday, 10th September 2015 . Good morning babies :)

Here's a video I took during their feeding time !

I feed them turtle pellets and dried shrimps for now. I have tried papaya , blueberry , water spinach and green apples. Seems like they don't like fruits and vegetables. Maybe not yet. I heard they love bananas ! I might try that too yay.

Okay hope you like this post! If you have any idea or suggestions on turtle care especially in Malaysia please comment.
laterz... In shaa Allah. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Loss

 " Allah will not take something away from us unless He has provided something way much better or beneficial for us . Trust and believe in Allah's promises. " - Felinna Nadea Ed Fatah.

     I was reading the quotes from the book "Hijrah Ini Yang Aku perlu" (This is the hijrah that I need)  and I found this on page 106 and it struck me right away. How come I did not realize this is the reason why Allah took something away from me? The more I ask for it to stay , the more it turns away from me. I did ask signs from Allah , "If this is good for me , make it work . If this is bad for me , show me signs real quick. " Ahamdulillah ,  I did see the signs real quick but however it made me depressed because it does not work the way I expected it to be.

    Well , in the beginning , this was all my fault. I did not expect less this time because I thought that is it! This is what I've been waiting for!!!  After what happened , I've realized that things happen for a reason. Maybe it is because of this reason quoted from Quran "But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not." 2:216.

    In spite of what has happened , I really appreciate the good that came out of it . Well , anyway I'm not gonna discuss about the good things now. Maybe later? Back to the quote above, I've realized this is the main reason why it happened . It is surely because Allah has something better for me in the future. I must believe this and in Shaa Allah , I will not be disappointed. We don't always get what we want because sometimes what we want is somehow something that is probably more inferior than what Allah has provided for us because we deserve more maybe? Right? 

     Alhamdulillah , I have started to accept this with an open heart and it makes me feel fortunate to be tested this way. Alhamdulillah. I thank Allah a lot for keep teaching me lessons in life . I've learned from my mistakes and every time I make mistakes , Allah will always help me to rise again. He never abandoned me. He never did.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy Independence Day , Malaysia !

Happy 58th Independence Day  MALAYSIA

Thank you Allah for all the blessings on us. I do love this country even though sometimes I feel like I wanna get out of this place mainly because of the weather and the people here but it's not that bad though. Maybe I am just tired of the politics issues that are unsolved. Nevertheless , I hope eventually everything will be alright... So here is the picture of me from my trip to Sabah with the 'JALUR GEMILANG' !

Next... is just to share photos taken by me a year ago. 

On 25th August 2014 , about a year ago me and my parents flew to Sabah together with eight other people from WI and it was a four days three nights trip. We have visited some famous places in Sabah. I would like to share a few pictures from the trip (this year?) !
Poring Hot Spring
Mount Kinabalu

Rumah Terbalik

  •   Awesome dinner at Kampung Nelayan Restaurant