Friday, January 21, 2011

How's the weather?

Hey,look at these pictures. nice aren't they? It's snowing! but of course not in my country Malaysia. LOL I think this is somewhere in New York City and these were all sent by a friend of mine. How is it going in your country?

Easy Green Khurafat Phobia

        I saw creepy creatures in my dream and I believe it was because I watched the Thai horror, PHOBIA 2 and end up sleeping at 4.30 a.m. I wasn't really sleepy though but I had to sleep because I am humaaaann.. hello. Phobia 2 yeah it's a dope movie cause it gives you all the stress but the ending was super cool and laughable. 

well I woke up cause something felt down under my bed and it was my laptop battery, well thank god it wasn't my phone. I walked around the house to check on my parents but they were out.  So i looked at the clock on the wall. oh, it was 11 a.m. which means I woke up 1 hour 30 minutes earlier than yesterday. hooray! =] Then, I grabbed the towel and took shower.

I switched on my laptop and watched EASY A. I like the movie but didn't finish the last 30 minutes cause my parents came home and asked me to get dressed to go to the QUEENSBAY MALL. Babah dropped me and my mom at the bus stop as he was going to for jumua'ah and we took the bus instead. 

Me and my mom watched KHURAFAT, a malay horror movie. Sounds like I can't get enough of horror movies, don't I? well kinda, one of my favorite genre but I prefer zombies or exorcism movies rather than some "dark-shitty-horror-" if you know what I mean though. This movie is so truly horrific and frightening. hmmm here's a little synopsis for you from the golden screen cinemas site xD 

"Khurafat" begins with Johan (Syamsul Yusof), a young man working as an assistant in a government hospital. He is a married man who has a wife named Aishah (Liyana Jasmay). The newlyweds are leading a peaceful life when suddenly they find themselves besieged by a weird creature. The presence of a mysterious old woman, together with the sudden emergence of Johan's ex-girlfriend Anna (Sabrina Ali) add to the mystery. Anna is always disturbing Johan even though she knows Johan is now with Aishah."

doesn't matter anyways. I don't feel like watching it again.
Thought you should know that I got a new blanket !! I am so happy to have this green blanket because green is my favorite color!! here it is...
I know it looks simple and stupid but i likeeeeee it so much . pfffft

enough blogging for now. I am actually have nothing important to say.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

The deepest swimming pool on Earth

       Feel like doing some deep scuba diving without visiting an ocean? Then go take a trip to Nemo 33, the deepest pool in the world. 
         Located in Brussels, this swimming pool is perfect for learning how to dive or for fine-tuning your skills before you hit the deep ocean. It’s 105 feet (33 meters) deep with 2.5 million liters of chlorine-free warm water. But the pool isn’t just used for practice; it’s also a tourist attraction. Everyone is welcome to test dive with instructors who will provide training if you are a beginner.

          The pool was created by Belgian civil engineer John Beernaerts 13 years ago.  He was sitting in a Belgian bar one day with a pen and a napkin and just started drawing. What he eventually sketched amazed even him. He envisioned a giant indoor diving complex, full of underwater tunnels and chambers. An almost byzantine maze was what Beernaerts had in mind, and that’s essentially what Nemo 33 is.  The type of pool you can get lost in if you’re not careful.
        Why is the water in the pool 33 degrees Celsius (91 degrees F)?  Well,  John’s vision was to create an environment that would mimic deep-sea diving in the Caribbean.  He felt that type of an experience would be the kind that locals and tourists would enjoy the most, and given the number of people who have turned out to swim in or tour his facility since its inception, he seems to have guessed correctly.
        Since 2004, over 100,000 divers have visited Nemo.  So, far, they all have come back alive.  No sharks or terrifying octopuses to contend with in these waters.  No stingrays to pinch you as you explore deep sea passageways.  No jellyfish to make you squeal as you try to make your way back to shore. No, what Mr. Beernaerts built in Brussels is nothing short of a scuba utopia. It’s one of the most unique tourist attractions in the world, and truth be told, if you’re a scuba fan, you’ll probably want to give Nemo a taste test before you die.
Other pools in the world that are out of the ordinary contain interesting 3D effects.