Saturday, January 15, 2011

Beautiful Note about "To those who ask "WHERE IS ALLAH OR GOD"?

Many people including Muslims ask "Where is God or Allah?" What Image does God or Allah have?
These questions cannot be easily answered but let's see how Iman Abu Hanifah responded when he was asked such questions by non-believers. To those who ask "WHERE IS ALLAH OR GOD"?
The atheists asked Abu Hanifah "When was your Lord born"?
Abu Hanifah replied "Allah existed first before history and before time"
He added 'What comes before three?"
They replied : "Two"
He asked "What comes before one"?
They replied "Nothing"
He said "If the number"one" is not preceded by anything,then how can the True One and Only God "Allah" be preceded
by anything. Allah is Ancient and Eternal Nothing precedes HIM.
They asked "In which direction does your Lord move?"
He aksed "If you bring a lantern into a dark place, In which direction will its light move?"
They replied "In every direction"
Abu Hanifah said "If this is how the lantern's light radiates ,then how about Allah's light, the lgiht of the Heavens and the Earth?'
They said "Define your Lord's entity. Is your Lord solid like iron, liquid like water or gaseous like smoke or vapour?"
He asked "Have you ever sat beside a dying patient?"
They said " Yes we have"
He added "Did he speak to you after he was pronounced dead?"
They said "NO"
Abu Hanifah asked "Before he died,did he not talk and move?"
They said "Yes"
He said "What changed him"?
They said "His soul departed"
He said "Then isnt it true that his soul left his body"?
They siad "Yes"
Abu Hanifah asked "Could you describe his soul? Is it solid like iron, liquid like water or gaseous like smoke?"
They replied "We dont know nothing about it?!!!!!!!"
He said "If you cannot define the entity of this created soul, then how can you expect me to describe the Divine Entity?"
Let's repeat this prayer together
"Oh Allah help me to uphold the truth against tyrants and prevent me from adovating injustice to gain the applause of the weak. Oh Allah if You make me rich do not deprive me of happiness. If You grant me strength, do not take away my mental faculties. If You make me successful, dont not deprive me of modesty if You make me modest do not deprive me my pride and dignity. Teach me to judge myself before I judge others. Teach me that tolerance is the greatest strength. Do not make me despair if I fail.
Oh Allah if You deprive me of my wealth do not let me despire. If You take away my success give me the strenght to overcome failure. Oh Allah if You grant me success do not blind my by Vanity. If I am oblivious to Thee, do not deprive me of your forgiveness and Patience Oh Allah You are the All-Powerful, All Merciful and All Capable.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

THE WALKING DEAD now I'm on my break since the mid sem test is over! well, I have plans during this short break but I am afraid that I wouldn't do any of the plans.

I have dreams to follow but yeah dreams won't wait for me. Why the world is so mean to me? why and why and why? I'm tired.Anyways, this post is not about me bragging about how depressing life is.

you should know that, I've completed "THE WALKING DEAD" download and there are six episodes. I've seen episode one 1-3.5 which meansI haven't finished watching episode 3. hehe. THE WALKING DEAD is awesome as I love zombies.A friend from fb told me about it! thanks Amanda! :D so this is the trailer..thought you might like it. so to all my friends who wants this series, just let me okay and I can show you how to get it online.
the cutest zombie I've ever seen xD