Sunday, August 9, 2009's been awhile I haven't post any update on my blog. well, there's nothing much to say but a lot of things to be shared soon!!In addition, I'm very busy with college thingy.Now, I'm on a break for two weeks and do you know how I feel right now?It's what we call freedom :D.

I watched G.I JOE The Rise of Cobra
with two of my girls, Nabila and Aishah :).Yes, G.I joe is a must watch movie and I don't think you'll regret watching it. Girls, I know you love Channing Tatum :)

Anyway, I have an English an assignment which I need to watch any English movie to do the movie review.What movie do you think is the best ? Any Idea? I don't think I should do it on G.I Joe..LOL. What about Ice Age 3?