Thursday, September 10, 2015


     Assalamualaikum... In this entry I would like to introduce my pets . I have never had a pet before in my twenty-four years of life ! I do not count fishes as mine because only my parents are interested in fishes nor grasshoppers that I used to catch during primary school. Rabbits and cats are always my favorite animals that I would like to keep as a pet but my mother has asthma and she does not like any furry pets to be kept at home.

     So here I am going to tell you about my RED EARED SLIDER TURTLES or RES for short. I wanted a tortoise but tortoises are wayyyyy more expensive than turtles. I bought these turtles for only RM 8 each at the nearest pet store.. I have looked up online the price of Tortoises can reach hundreds which I would not afford that! So yeah turtles are cute too why not ? So I got myself three little turtles . One male and two females in gender.

     Even though RES are cheap in price but it is going to cost a lot if you want to provide a semi-aquatic habitat for them. I don't setup a tank yet for them ( bad mama) but doing anything the in the cheapest way possible. Like instead of getting a uvb light , I let them out under the sunlight once in a while  for 15 minutes or so. I'm planning to set up a tank sooner or later. For now , I've been referring to these two blogs and kamekroten . The way they handle their turtles are quite different than other people.

So here they are.....




I've had them for a week now and they are still scared of me. Well it's okay maybe after a month they will get used to me and probably love me? :D I put them in a sleeping box (shoe box) every night to let them bask and sleep at the same time , feed them in the feeding container and let them swim in a bigger container during the day.

This is where they swim and bask... It's the widest basin we have at home. 

Watch this VIDEO to see them swimming and dancing ! LOL  

Joffrey didn't even try to escape during their first day out.. 

Piper trying to climb out to bask on the rock !

Piper and Joffrey decided to let me take a picture of them

Joffrey trying to hide from me but didn't really.. lol

"almost there ! Gosh I'm so tired... "

Wonder what he's thinking about...

Piper and Alex sleeping.. 

Alex sleeps a lot. She is sooo cute 

Piper and Joffrey right after I put them in the box.. 
Escape mission?  Whilst Alex is already asleep under the covers.

Thursday, 10th September 2015 . Good morning babies :)

Here's a video I took during their feeding time !

I feed them turtle pellets and dried shrimps for now. I have tried papaya , blueberry , water spinach and green apples. Seems like they don't like fruits and vegetables. Maybe not yet. I heard they love bananas ! I might try that too yay.

Okay hope you like this post! If you have any idea or suggestions on turtle care especially in Malaysia please comment.
laterz... In shaa Allah.