Monday, April 19, 2010

I love it!

So, I'm currently on a vacation in Shah Alam , Selangor. It's not really a vacation but it's more likely for relatives visit. I'm so happy to see Ahmad Faaiz now, my youngest aunt's little baby =] he's so cute and I just can't help it! I wish I have one like him but hmmm it seems like it's a long way to go =/ BLA BLA BLA.

I went to Prushotman's wedding last Saturday as he is my mom's friend and he's also my new brother in Islam =] alhamdulillah... you know what, I admired the wedding and I have no idea why was that. I never felt this way before when I saw people got married. to me, this is just the sweetest memory I've ever seen even though it wasn't my wedding and this is all i could say. "I LOVE IT!"

On the same day right after the akad nikah, I hung out with Syakila and Anisah. we went to Mid Valley and met Syukur there. We didn't waste much time there. Just chatted and ate cause we were running out of time as I had dinner at PJ Hilton . time was too jealous of us! humph! I didn't know how to get back to the hotel unless with the train. ALONE. I was a bit worried cause I'm small and I knew that I had to walk ALONE in the dark cause it was 7 pm and I was still at the KL Central. station by station, I reached Taman Jaya. it was dark . yes, I walked as fast as I could and I recited ayatul qursi along the way...
Suddenly, 3 policemen stopped me and asked me stuffs. huh. I was like'OMG! what's going on? I don't wanna go to jail!' sO, I just told time "I'm late for dinner" and looked at my wrist even though I didn't wear any watch. LOL.

When I reached the hotel, I was rushed to the eighth floor and knock on room no 814. Nobody answered. I called my dad " why don't u open the door? " he said "what? I don't see anyone outside" then I knew. OMG! again I knocked on the wrong door >.<
ps: whatever LOL I love the dinner. delicious sambal udang!