Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Headless Figure in Red

Assalamualaikum to my readers (If I even have any)

I read a  post on Akmal Ayob's blog about his experience with the supernatural thing he had while sleeping and what he saw in the mirror. Read his blog if you wanna know his story. Therefore, I'm writing this post to tell about my experience with the "Headless Figure in Red". 

I remember it happened when I was 15 and I was going to have a big examination, Penilaian Menengah Rendah (commonly abbreviated as PMRMalay for Lower Secondary Assessment) so I stayed up late in school ,studying with my best friend Nabila as the exam was just around the corner. It was around 11 pm and it was just us because everyone went back to the hostel already, we walked from the school to the hostel and oh yeah before I forgot , I studied in a boarding school. As we reached near the mosque, I saw something in front in the cover walk was facing us and it was big but looked like it was looking at us and FYI, I wasn't wearing my glasses on and that's why I asked Nabila" hey do you see what I'm seeing right now?" she said "yeah but don't know what it is" . So we decided to walk in front of it to look closer but we just looked at it like that but then suddenly Nabila asked me to run and recite ayatul Qursi. I was like "what is it?" she anxiously asked me to run and kept on reciting ayatul Qursi and I did with full of curiosity in my head.

Once we reached in front of our hostel block , we stopped running and I asked her again, what was it and she told me " I saw a red figure but headless" and I was shocked but thankful that I wasn't able to see it clearly and the thing did not disturb us.Until now I'm still wondering about what I saw (but wasn't clear). If it was human, why would someone stood in the cover walk at night like that ?  

this is what we saw. well something like this.sorry for the ugly drawing :P

So this is how the real cover walk looks like