Thursday, January 13, 2011

THE WALKING DEAD now I'm on my break since the mid sem test is over! well, I have plans during this short break but I am afraid that I wouldn't do any of the plans.

I have dreams to follow but yeah dreams won't wait for me. Why the world is so mean to me? why and why and why? I'm tired.Anyways, this post is not about me bragging about how depressing life is.

you should know that, I've completed "THE WALKING DEAD" download and there are six episodes. I've seen episode one 1-3.5 which meansI haven't finished watching episode 3. hehe. THE WALKING DEAD is awesome as I love zombies.A friend from fb told me about it! thanks Amanda! :D so this is the trailer..thought you might like it. so to all my friends who wants this series, just let me okay and I can show you how to get it online.
the cutest zombie I've ever seen xD

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  1. siyes cam best.kt mana dl?
    email k thanks :)