Sunday, May 24, 2009


I woke up because of the call of nature and i answered it very well.It was good >.<.Then, my mom said "go take your bath, we're going out". I answered "where??".She replied "breakfast, get your driving license and go to the grandparents' house". So I opened my wardrobe and couldn't find anything to wear and I was like No!!I'm not going anywhere..please!!Then my mom said " Are you sure you don't have anything to wear?". I said "actually I don't know what to wear. So I decided to wear the Black skirt.ha ha. That was so never mind. we had breakfast at the astaka near the Muslims cemetery. Then, we went to the Mutiara Driving School to get my P license.yeah.haha.The most interesting was my dad let me drove the car to the grandparents' house..weeee~hahaha.
Elyas and Ahmad was there and of course Pak Usu and Usu too..oh, before i forgot, Pak Rizal was there too..I enjoyed watching Elyas and Ahmad was playing like the house was their very own playground.hahah kids! the boys did the shuffle.haha.this is just for those who are interested with the boys.I want my own kids!! but when? when???? hehehehe .don't tell my mom ;x

after all the fun. I had to wave them goodbye
see ya later boys~

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