Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I went out yesterday with mom and dad as my dad was off duty yesterday. I went to Sunshine Square to take a photo for like... ummm u know that passport size? hmm whatever. lol. and yes, the photographer compared the pic of me with glasses and without glasses. he said the one with glasses looked evil. so he suggested me the one without glasses. =.= I just "ummm okay" and this is the result.
euuwwwwww I made this black and white so it looks better. hehehe

ah yeah and after that we filled the empty stomach at Periuk Besar Nasi Ayam. I had fish and chips and blue curacao. It was just okay , not so good not so bad cause I was thirsty actually.
Then, we fetched my sis at the bus station as she got back from KL. wow then went straight to QB mall. ah yeah! we watched THE CRAZIES. the movie is soooooo crazy! I screamed sometimes which was embarrassing . hehehe =.= If you wanna know how crazy it is, go and watch it :D this movie is actually a remake of The Crazies91973) with the same title.

aftter the movie, we went shopping. I bought clothes and also a ring for me :D heheh this is the ringwhat do you think??
mama bought rings too =.=

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