Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm Back

Assalamualaikum everyone. I'm back to computer now ;D Alhamdulillah I'm good cause I'm on a holiday. I've been through a lot in the past few months that taught me to be a better person. yes, everything happens for a reason.Now I realize how hard it is to lose someone you love or someone you wish to be with.whoa it's really hard! =/ but it's fine. I'm learning to forgive and forget.Experience. Thanks to the person who gives me such experience that can never be bought. I really appreciate YOU as I'm trying to make myself happy as you are happy with your life. It's what you choose and go ahead doing what you like. :) So women, DON't TRUST GUY. It's not like don't trust everyone. Just don't give your 100% trust. That's my advice to you. Sometimes it's bad to ignore people's advice cause sometimes they're right in certain things :) and I was so young and stupid though >.<> NURUL NABILA for the 'fake" support.LOL All this while, I know even you said good or agreed but I know it's not what you really want me to get. hehehehe I love yah.

and I've learnt something from a malay movie "SYURGA CINTA" which can be translated as "LOVE HEAVEN"(??). The grandpa tells that there are three types of LOVE.
1. From Allah
2. From shaytan
3. From the djinn

I only want what comes from ALLAH.
May Allah bless all of you. ameen :)

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  1. lily!!!! long time ive never ambush ur blog! i watched syurga cinta but,, for me i think shuhada is like so ' murah sangat to go out wif the guy..wats his name again? lol but yar, overall the movie is good though...but but,, i prefer ketika cinta bertasbih!! do watch that! very islamic and very romantic..=)))

    ey, come to my blog lar...huhuhu and comment! hahahah =p

  2. Mawaddah I haven't watch that ketika cinta bertasbih yet. but yes, she's kinda "murah" for going out with that kind of but I just like what the grandpa said only =.=

  3. lili...!!!!!!! really appreciate that.. but what do u mean by 'fake' btw? haha.. well..... you know what?? i miss you a lot laaaaa......!!!!!!!! :(

  4. I don't mean anything bad. It's just what you were. saying yes just because you love me:P and it's not really what you want your best friend to have. hehehe.