Saturday, March 27, 2010

Assalamualaikum .I spent the day watching movie, playing games and facebooking =P. I watched YES MAN and it was too hilarious! I like the part when a guy was about to commit suicide. hehehehe. If you don't remember which part, let me show you. here, the picture below ;

I watched ALICE IN WONDERLAND last night with my parents and sis :) It was a good movie but I admit that I slept a lil' while watching cause I was too sleepy. yeah you tell me about it =/ and yes, as expected, I saw "them" again and of course my mom and sis would point on me and I was like WHATEVER!!. Then, we went to PELITA to fill our empty stomach and i had fried maggie.

ok I don't know what else to say. so chiao for now. saalams ;D see ya later. Mmuahx!

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