Saturday, May 16, 2009

who Knows??

What is Office Technology Management?
if you know anything about this field of study, please let me know.I'm so blur about this :P
please, i need yor help :)


  1. Meh aku tlg cari untuk Lili.

  2. aku rase en,
    keje secretary?
    hehehhh :P

  3. kene manage office work specific to technology department r,, maybe manager kt kilang,, bhgian tech,, lebey kureng r,,
    maksod manager ko kne scheduled kn bhgian kje office tu r,, sometime ade r delegate2 sket.. tp xmaksud ko boss,, cume ko ade org bwhan tertentu jew..

    huh.. jgn bingong erw.

    p/s aq tibai je,,

  4. ceh..terima kasih krn mencuba wahai encik hariz aum2 :P
    saya akn pastikan sy jd boss..heheh :D