Friday, April 3, 2009


okay, I went out with my mom and grandparents for breakfast. I ate fried noodle and a glass plain water.then, we went to Bukit Jambul and shopped at KAMDAR. After that, we went upstairs to look for movies and I wanted to watch the CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPAHOLIC but there was only me and my mom who wanted to watch it so they won't let it on.Sucks! then we straight away went to the QUEENSBAY MALL with rapid Penang(public transportation). Suddenly, when I was about to get down from the bus, a pop sound came out from my knee. I was almost fell down on a girl and I said sorry..I stepped down and I felt so weak and everything around me was black and white. I was freaked out and barely crying because i thought that I was going to die or blind or what I didn't know. After 10 minutes, I was able to see colours! Alhamdulillah..

I watched KNOWING ( we couldn't watch the shopaholic:( ).It was fun :) because Nicolas Cage was one of my favourite actor hehe.:P

There was a TERENGGANU FEST and I could see baby turtles.Yay!.they were so adorable :))
I felt like touching em but i saw the sign "DO NOT TOUCH". ughhh that was so uncool >.<

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