Monday, March 30, 2009

Padang Besar

I went to Padang Besar with my mom, my grandma,grandpa and the "makchicks"! lmho. okay, the main purpose of me going there was to meet Anisah. :DDD.Not because of I really want to enjoy shopping. I'm not a shopaholic like any other girls.That sounds plastic though.
yes, I did it. I met her. She looked the same.Still the same thin person and still as funny as she was :) . we talked and talked together alone and I called my mother to reach her but what i heard was a women speaking Thai :/
I said to Anisah " hey, what's wrong with the coverage here. I can't call my mom. I heard a woman
saying the number does not exist! lmho.and I used CELCOM taw! x bestlah!
well,thanked Allah i saw my grandpa was seating in the corner :))
phew! okay,Anisah and me followed my mom and we bought clothes. Mine was black and she grabbded the pink one. LOL :P

this is anisah :P

that's her, next to her car.