Saturday, June 9, 2012


Once, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), said to Ali RA:

Ali ! Do 5 Works Before Sleeping, 

(1) Daily. Give 4000 Dinar Alms/sacrifice (sadqaa) daily before sleeping.
(2) Read whole Qur'aan one time daily before sleeping.
(3) Pay price of Jannah,daily before sleeping.
(4) Make a truce/peace between two fighting men daily before sleeping.
(5) Perform a Hajj daily before sleeping.

Then Ali RA requested Ya' RasoolAllah (peace be upon him) It is very hard to do how can I do all this?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) replied:

(1 ) Read "Surah Fatiha" 4 times..... Its equal to sacrifice 4000 dinars.
(2) Read "Surah Ikhlaas" 3 times.... Its equal to read Quran one time.
(3) Read " Durood Shariff " 10 times.....(Allahumma sali ala muhammad was saleem) Its equal     to pay price of Jannah.
(4) Read "Astagfaar" (Astagfaar =Astag firul'lahaa rabbi min kul'ly zanmbin w'atubu ilaihi) 10 times..... Its equal to make truce/peace between 2 fighting men.
(5) Read "4rth Kalima" 4 times.....(La ilaha illallah) Its equal to perform Hajj.

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