Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Preparation
  • Know the topic -do research and find lots of facts.
  • Know the goal
  • Know the audience- children, old folks, students , corporate etc.
  • Know the place- facilities
  • Know the tools- back up
The Types
  • Informative
  • Instructional                     
  • Arousing
  • Persuasive
The Structure
  • Greetings
  • Attention getter
  • Introduction- tell them what you're going to talk about
  • Body
  • Review and Conclusion- Tell them what you've told them
  • BANG!- the impact to the audience 
  • Q&A session
The Qualities
  • 1. Voice
  • 2.Facial Expressions
  • 3.Intonation
  • 4.Eye Contact - shows your confidence level
  • 5.Body Language- at least you won't looks stiff.
  • 6.Visual Aids-Pictures, charts etc.
  • 7.Appearance -How you dress

The Sins
  • 1.Unprepared.
  • 2.Reading(biggest mistake)
  • 3.Don't make mistakes like grammar obvious by saying "OOPS!"
  • 4.Stop making excuses- telling your audience "I'm not feeling well" . Don't do that.

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