Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Favorite Baju Kurung!

As I was reading through Syerry Mohamed's blog about her Lucky Baju Kurung, I felt like sharing with my readers about my favourite Baju Kurung either. so here it is..

so I only put up 2 pictures because I'm too lazy and I don't really like to take pictures. well  at least you can see my baju kurung. why do you think it's my favorite ? Firstly, the color is white and it's very flowery with red, black and grey color which is a great combination I think. I chose this color because I was desperate and just picked any as there were to many choices and I was in a hurry. Besides that, I do not need to iron it.Seriously, you would not be able to spot any wrinkle on it because it is always looks perfect. My mom always told me to be tidy and I must iron my clothes but not with this baju kurung. I told her it's a waste of time and energy if you want iron it. She told me " Don't be too lazy". "seriously, can you spot any wrinkle?" I replied and she was like " oh, it's perfect" .

My friend loves this baju kurung too as she always wear it at least once in a week but we are not in the same college anymore. So, it's all mine now. hehe. she's taller than me but I don't know, it fits her.haha it's a perfect baju kurung to me. :D 


  1. you look soooo sweet and cute in that baju kurung and those brown wedges..!1 :)