Friday, June 19, 2009

Orientation Week

I had lots of fun and I enjoyed doing all the activities and Sister Haszirah, my facilitator is sooooooo cool. I like her ;D and I agreed with her most of the time.
we did poco-poco like every morning and evening too.I used to think poco-poco is so boring because I didn't get sweat before but this time, oh i got sweat and my legs sore =\
plus, we did this ayumi thingy everyday too..

I learned a lot from them about life.They made me realised that I have to put on more efforts to be the best! yes, I know I was lazy in high school and I don't want to keep that in me I'll throw it away!.This is my opportunity which I really have to grab it and will never let it go.Ameen! I'm so grateful that Allah is still giving me more chance and opportunity to improve myself.Alhamdulillah :D

that's all for now :D. Assalamualaikum

truly ,