Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oklahoma Octopus

Last night I watched LOST TAPES on Animal Planet i guess..i don't remember which channel it was. It was about Oklahoma Octopus. it's a giant octopus sized about like a horse. whatever it is, it's weird though.An Octopus in a freshwater?? Here's the thing, a group of teenagers which was just graduated from high school planned a celebration at their local lake.Knowing that soon they would be parting ways for college.Sean, was the guy who taped the whole thing.I can't get you the whole thing here.This is what i can show you that it's there...well,I mean the creature!!there were 5 of the teenagers.3 of them are now dead!

first,they went away from shore by boat to an another place.but the blond girl yelled at the blond guy because he was fooling and joking you know.he acted like he was drowning..he got mad,use the boat to get himself back to the shore,but the octopus attack,the boat flip,HE GOT PULLED DOWN BY THE OCTOPUS.the bald guy checked it out,he is the next victim.3 left stayed on land until 1AM,the octopus attack,pulling the bald guy 's girlfriend down.the last two waited,but they knew that they will be attack again,so they swam out,got attack,but they survived.
This is how Ruth, the Asian girl died (bald guy's girlfriend).I can't put it up here.just click here to watch!!
I really get excited about this case because it is real!


  1. yea... org kapiaq mati,, sape swoh berbikini cam2,, rasak ati aq...isk3

  2. haha..aku x soh ko tgk bikini... tgk sotong tu lah..

  3. wat pew tgk sotong,, huhuu,, x swoh aq tgk al-quran ke,,yg lagik virtue..huhuhu

    bikini je dh kne tutop sbela mata tgk video ko ajak tgk...

  4. ko ni sape?buat2 bgus plak..aku bkn soh ko tgk concert.aku nk tunjuk, dgn kuasa Allah, benda apa pun bleh jd..tanpa kita sangka..