Friday, April 17, 2009

My stomach ache Story

I've been suffering from stomache since Tuesday. They thought it was just a normal stomached which need you to "toot" and "poop" but I said it's different. I didn't know what it was and why?
I still remember that I ate char kuey(paktongko) and bihun sup. I drank soy bean. I started to feel the pain and I didn't know what to do. On friday, my dad took me to the clinic nearby and the chinese doctor checked me and he said " there's nothing to be worried, It was just angin" LOL and I was like what?
hahahhaahahah I've been suffering for a few days! i fell a lil better :D

hey, have you ever wonder how would Vin Diesel look with hair?
hey sexy :P
haha i don't know who did that to him LOL
I watched a hindi DVD .It was B13.It was a great movie but there's one funny thing in that movie.The soundrack.hahahah.It's sexy! haha the song is funny LOL

P/s:hello, I'm not a perv..


  1. Stomach ache* :P

    Kalau soya bean rasa pelik masa ko minum, mmg dari situ la punca masalah.

  2. owhh..i think u've eat a lot a the same time plus u drink soy bean after u eat.. u should wait for an hour before u drink..

  3. oh..maybe..but what did I was just bihun sup..not rice =/