Saturday, April 25, 2009

the emo lili...hahahahaha

I believe Allah is giving signs and guidance without me realising it.
I know it's kinda hurting but that's the way it is..
It hurts for good but I'm not sure why...
I know you're there..
I can see you but I'm pretending that I'm not
because you want it that way

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emo cat Pictures, Images and Photos

cewah! lili emo :P

Obsessed Pictures, Images and Photos

so far it's not available here in Malaysia but I know the ending!! The white girl dies.

the moral of the story is, do not flirt with married man.


  1. salam, 'do not flirt with married man' haha who would do that?? only desperate does. btw nice post:)

  2. yeah.girls desperate with money!
    thank you for reading :)

  3. elehh, lily flirt dgn ex laki org. :P

  4. ummm..ex laki org kan?so?aku x buat salah pun..dah die single..hehehe :P

  5. ahahaa..'s true.. :p
    but don't ever flirt my bf..haha.. :p