Monday, March 2, 2009

what a day....

Today, I'm fasting..and guess what?? I have to cook for my grandparents....ohh..i was so hungry..and i made them orange juice. for them..well, nevermind it.I'm strong!! yahhhh baby!and Salahi was so annoying on YM..hahaha(see, I've mentioned your name in here :P).well, i ate chicken legs that i cooked by myself and it wasn't so good like I ate that cooked by aunt Anna long time ago..LOL. Hmmm..kepingin aku nak minum air soya arini..dapat gak..2 botol weyh!

It was 11.00pm. I felt like taking a shower.*yay i love water!!!*


  1. gle 2 botol?? x kembong perut ke mak cik?? hahahahah.... waa.. reti msk ke?? haha..

  2. lol iam annoying to you? :( hehe salahi