Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Me To You

Who am I?
Who has I become?
Do you still recognize me?
It's me, the person who I am right now

I miss you,
I want to be like you,
your politeness, 
your modesty,
your smartness,
your intellectualism,
your kindness...

I'm too far away from you,
we're two different people,
living in the same body,
but I'm taking over this body,
I am the devil to her body
I wish I could kill  me
and let you take over this body again
for how I loathe myself

you are perfect for this person,
you are what this person wants,
she doesn't like me,
she hates me, 
she wants you, she wants you back.

It hurts me, for who I am.
She's not proud of me,
She keeps telling me that she wants you back
and I can go fuck myself to die.